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Beige Classic Disposable Microblading Pen

Beige Classic Disposable Microblading Pen

Beige Classic Disposable Microblading Pen
Beige Classic Disposable Microblading PenBeige Classic Disposable Microblading PenBeige Classic Disposable Microblading PenBeige Classic Disposable Microblading PenBeige Classic Disposable Microblading Pen
CategoriesDisposable Microblading Pens
BrandCharming Tattoo Permanent Makeup Product Wholesale
NameBeige Classic Disposable Microblading Pen
ColorBeige Classic
MaterialABS Material
Packagebag packaging
Payment TermT/T, Western Union or Paypal
Delivery timeIn stock: 1-3 working days, No stock: 5-10 days
Shipping WayDHL, TNT or FedEx, UPS
Update TimeSeptember 28,2023
Detail Information

Beige Classic Disposable Microblading Pen For Permanent Makeup Training


1. INDIVIDUAL PACKING - The 18U sloped needles eyebrow microblading pen is made of surgical grade 316L stainless steel. Each microblading pen is individually wrapped for single use only. Each package include 10pcs eyebrow pen.

2. SAFE&CONVENIENT - Handle and blades come together. The microblading needles is fixed on the eyebrow microblading pen to prevent the needles from moving and falling off during operation, safe and convenient to use.

3. REASONABLE DESIGN - This microblading pen disposable eyebrow pen is lightweight and slim with an ergonomic. The anti-slip design on both sides of the microblading pen allows the user's fingers to have a suitable fulcrum. It is greatly favored by users and consumers.

4. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL USE - The microblading pen disposable eyebrow pen with needles can be together used with tattoo or makeup pigment/ink. The microblade pen is suitable for eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner, microblading and tattooing ect.

How to use:

Disposable microblading pen is disposable, for single use only.Disposable Microblades for Permanent Makeup.Handle and blades come together to avoid the need of an autoclave. Used with the paste or semi-paste pigment.

Part 1- All the pens are carefully selected. (Quality assurance)

Part 2- Clean the pen. (Clean and hygienic)

Part 3- The pen is disinfected. (Safety guarantee)

Part 4- All the blades are selected by microscope. (Ensure the quality and sharpness of the blade)

Part 5- Put the blade on the pen. (Stabilize the balde and not fall off)

Part 6- Cover the pen. (Protect the blade)

Part 7- Put the Disposable pen in the bag. (Protect the pen)

Part 8- Sealed bag. (Ensure that the pen and blade will not contaminated by the outside)

Part 9- Sterilized by EO Gas. (Double disinfection to ensure quality)

Part 10- Warehouse packing. (Carton packaging to ensure product will not damaged)


1. Disposable eyebrow pen with needles blade is made of high quality 316L stainless steel.

2. Comfortable and easy to hold tattoo pen. Ergonomic design.Slim, lightweight.

3. Each Disposable eyebrow pen is individually wrapped for single use only.

4. The unique, pointed tip allows the artist to place each stroke precisely.

5. Handle and blades come together, dourble stability, less vibration Needle.

6. The microblading pen with needles have multi-functional use: microblading, makeup, tattooing ect.

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