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Microblading Pigments

Microblading pigment is the most versatile state of all pigments, because it can be used not only by machine, but also by manual technique. For powder eyebrows or microblading eyebrows, eyeliner and lips, one set in hand, all can be covered. If you need to configure your own brand, it is recommended to use 10~12 colors for the eyebrows, 5~7 colors for the eyebrows, and 1 color for the eyeliner, which can be applied to the skin color of your customers. Don't worry about redness, blueness, the correct color matching will make you worry-free throughout the process. Your brand starts professionally.

PMU Aftercare & Agents

As permanent makeup factory, not only the tools and pigment, but also the aftercare should be the premium quality. So that he permanent makeup healing process will help the color retention. Start your brand at low moq and reasonable price. The way you take care of your new brows determines how good the end result will look. Every person's skin is different and it will heal differently. It is important to listen to your skin and care for it properly. You simply cannot have a permanent makeup procedure done and not follow aftercare instructions. It'll be like it never happened, or worse; you could wind up with an infection. If you want long lasting natural looking results please get the good aftercare.

PMU Removal & Regrowth

In recent years, more and more people need to remove their eyebrows. The reason is that there are more and more newcomers to eyebrow tattoos, which means that there are more and more bad eyebrows. The shape of the customer does not like it, The color changed to red or blue, and some may be made too dark, etc. Various reasons lead to the need to remove the eyebrows. The fastest way to removal is laser, but the cost is too expensive, and the original natural eyebrows may be destroyed. So the demand for brow removal solution is rapidly increasing. Are you going to add this to your brand? Take action!

PMU Machines & Cartridges

Are you a permanent makeup online shop owner or training master for permanent makeup class and looking for PMU tools of  high-quality and good price? Please check out Charming tattoo which is one of the china top permanent makeup manufacturer. We provide custom service for your brand for pmu machine cartridge at low MOQ & resonable price.

Microblading Tools

Along with the development of Charming Tattoo in the past years, now we also provide custom service for various microblading tools. If you are interested in custom your own microblading tool.Then Charming Tattoo can be one of the best choice for you.
We work on with our microblading supplies safe, and we've designed each of our eyebrow tattoo microblading pens with an ergonomic, comfortable, and easy to hold non-slip grip.

Permanent Makeup Supplies

Before permanent makeup process, it is very important to set the shape. This is related to whether the client is satisfied with your work, and will she introduce friends? Does she bring you ads on social shares? The tools for mapping eyebrows and lips will come out with new ideas every year. The human brain is really endless. From the most basic eyebrow pencil and lip pencil, to the golden ratio caliper, to the disposable eyebrow sticker, to the eyebrow mapping string, every time the innovation can bring the popular whirlwind of the market, and you can always find the best-selling products here. We have been rooted in this industry for 20 years. We are not only a pigment factory, but also more supply resources to escort your brand. You are always on the front lines of the market with the latest news. Every product you see here can be incorporated into your brand. Start customizing now!

Rebrows Deluxe Brows&Lash Lamination

Transform your brows and lashes into natural-looking, long-lasting perfection with Rebrows Deluxe Brows&Lash Lamination - the ultimate solution for effortless beauty.

Rebrows Deluxe Brows&Lash Lamination

Transform your brows and lashes into natural-looking, long-lasting perfection with Rebrows Deluxe Brows&Lash Lamination - the ultimate solution for effortless beauty.
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